IoT Relay: Giving Voice to Your Things

Release 1.2.2

In greater and greater number, “Things” are capable of gathering data about their environment. These things have an interface to retrieve the measurements being taken but contain no way of pushing this data to the Internet. For example, home weather stations often contain only a USB interface and no network capability. Other devices may have network capability, such as ZigBee®, but still don’t have a direct way to send data to Internet connected hosts.

Internet of Things Relay is an application and framework for gathering data from sources and relaying it to destinations. It is somewhat like publish/subscribe except that it’s geared more toward devices that are unable to initiate a connection (they must be polled to get at their data).

IoT Relay provides basic setup and matches data sources with interested handlers. The rest of the work is left to plugins.


IoT Relay is available via PyPI.

$ pip install iotrelay

It is also necessary to create an (initially empty) ini-style file: ~/.iotrelay.cfg.


Now that IoT Relay is installed, add plugins!


The source for the IoT Relay project is hosted on GitHub.


The IoT Relay project is licensed under The BSD 2-Clause License.